Cross Ocean Ventures Invests in Empowering Businesses with Ready-to-Deploy AI Experts, Founded by Immigrant Founders from Ukraine

  • June 30, 2023
  • by:crossoceanfund

Cross Ocean Ventures, the distinguished early-stage investment fund catering to international founders with global aspirations, announces its investment in Primeclass. Founded by immigrant founders from Ukraine and headquartered in Los Angeles, Primeclass offers a ready-to-deploy army of AI experts and agents. These highly-trained AI professionals integrate effortlessly into teams, thus reducing overheads and accelerating the integration process.

The struggles businesses face when leveraging AI – high setup costs, skills shortages, and lengthy integration processes – are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. AI Workers emerge as a remarkable solution, tackling diverse tasks thanks to their extensive training using a wide array of publicly accessible data. The outcome is a far-reaching understanding of their respective fields, adaptability, and proficiency in managing diverse tasks.

These AI Workers continuously learn and adapt, using their broad knowledge to efficiently manage routine tasks, process large data volumes, and provide support in fields that require broad understanding rather than niche expertise. The end result is an increase in operational efficiency, freeing human teams and other specialized AI experts to focus on strategic, high-value activities.

The AI market is on a steep growth trajectory, spurred by technological advances, increased data accessibility, and widespread adoption of AI across various sectors. The market’s potential is staggering, with estimates pegging its value at around $100 billion.

Primeclass is already garnering significant traction, having developed 5 AI Workers and secured 10 contracts ahead of its private beta launch.

“The partnership with Cross Ocean Ventures validates our mission to revolutionize businesses with our AI Workers,” said Ivan Kovpak, co-founder, and CEO of “Primeclass is thrilled to have Cross Ocean Ventures on board as investors. Their support will undoubtedly propel our expansion plans,” he added.

“We are proud to align with Ivan and his innovative team at Primeclass,” expressed Zeynep Ilgaz, Partner at Cross Ocean Ventures. “With the evolution of generative AI and an increasing churn rate in the US job market, we foresee innovators like Primeclass becoming household names,” she added. 

About Cross Ocean Ventures

Cross Ocean Ventures is the premier early-stage investment fund for international founders with global ambitions. As general partners of Cross Ocean Venture, we’ve been there and done that – we’ve started and built companies, experienced failures and successes, and navigated through various entrepreneurial journeys. Many of us immigrated across oceans to establish our ventures and achieved success despite being part of underrepresented demographic groups. Our own experiences as founders help us better connect with, evaluate, and support the founders we fund. 

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About, founded by immigrant founders from Ukraine and headquartered in Los Angeles, is an innovative tech start-up disrupting the market with their novel approach to integrating AI into businesses. It offers a unique service, providing ready-to-deploy AI Workers who are capable of seamlessly integrating into teams across a wide range of industries. These AI Workers are trained using extensive public data, making them a versatile, adaptable solution capable of managing a multitude of tasks. From handling routine work to managing large volumes of data, Primeclass’s AI Workers are transforming the way businesses operate.

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