Our job is to find great founders that want to change the world for the better and help them. So we are excited to review applications promptly and speak with the founders of these companies.

This application is for early-stage technology companies seeking funding from Cross Ocean Venture Fund or our affiliated organizations of venture groups and angel investors. As you fill out this application, you will be given an option at the end to share your investment profile with other groups of angel networks and venture capital funds that might share the same deal flow management tool.

We commit to screening 100% of our online submissions. Every company we fund goes through this submission process – whether you met us at an accelerator event, heard us speak at a conference, or found us online.

In return for our commitment to review your submission, we ask that you are thorough and thoughtful in your responses. There may be questions you don’t know how to answer, but please make your best effort to provide thoughtful responses.



Below are the selection criteria we use for evaluating companies seeking investment.
  • Committed founders and strong team
  • A solution to frequent and deep pain in a growing market
  • Embodies innovation and disruption
  • Scalable models that can expand within the US market in 6-18 months
  • Preferably B2B or B2B2C business models
  • Significant validation in the form of revenue or use case acceptance
  • Pass our 7T Evaluation: Team - Technology - Transformative - Terms - Traction - TAM - Timing