Milan Saes

General Partner

Milan Saes started his entrepreneurial journey when he was just eleven years old, through opening up a trading account and investing in stocks.  Not too long after he started his first start up as the cofounder of marketing agency, helping businesses to scale up using advanced online marketing strategies and funnels. He was a recipient of 20 under 20 during this time.


As young angel investor, Milan became an investor of  NCY Essentials. He also co-founded StoryVino, which he successfully exited not long after. Following his successful exit, he became and angel investor.


Not long after he founded Everest Square Capital, helping founders to raise capital with a focus on healthcare deals. He successfully helped raise over €150 million capital for his portfolio companies.


Commitment to GenZ

Milan is proud to be a GenZ, the most entrepreneurial, diverse, and impact-oriented generation. 25% of the population today, and 48% of that considered part of minority groups, Gen Z is truly diverse. Not only that, 62% of Gen Z have indicated they have started, or intend to start, their own business. Making this generation substantially more entrepreneurial than others! Microsoft’s data shows 91% of Gen Z entrepreneurs work unconventional hours; 81% say they work on vacation, compared to 62% of business owners overall. Making a difference, and not just profits will be the new standard as 96% of Gen Z founders would turn down investment from someone that wasn’t aligned with their moral and ethical practices. As investors, we will have to adapt to meet the standards of this new generation and support them with our experiences, network, and knowledge.


The startup ecosystem will be reshaped by Gen Z, and advisors, other founders, and us investors have much to learn from them. I look forward with much pleasure to supporting my generation of great founders that will reshape how we do business today and in the future.



Awards and Recognition

20 under 20

Harvard Medical School Pharmacology

2X Founder, 1 Exit